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How do I track my order?

All jewelry purchases will be sent USPS flat rate shipping the going rate for small box $7.16.  If you have more items than will fit in a small box it will move to a 2nd box.  A photo of the shipping label will be sent via text to your cell phone. This can be tracked on the USPS website.

Paintings are shipped only via Flat rate for the smaller sizes

and larger sizes determined at the time of commission.

What are your delivery options?
USPS flat rate or standard mail


What is your return policy?

14 Day full refund on all jewelry. or 30 Day exchange.   All repairs free but any additional adjustments for minimal fee.  All shipping is paid for by customer
What if an item is sold out?

Most of my items are one of a kind. sometimes i have enough for 2 or something similar.  A few of the items I can make many times over and it is noted on them. please email me with a photo of the sold out item and I will work with you to get you what you like.  Sometimes, it is just a matter of me ordering supplies to make a duplicate.




Will you custom design jewelry?

Yes I will absolutely make custom jewelry. I like to work from a photo or a sketch.  We will discuss your idea over the phone ad I will send photos before completion to make sure we are in agreement. I can also incorporate or design around family pieces.






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